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How Johnny Mathis Jr., Founder of Livemercial, Turned $150 Into Millions

Posted by Justin Brooke on 9/29/14 2:26 AM

If you saw him step out of his privately owned Jet, you'd never know that he got his start with just $150 left to his name.

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How To Use Micro Conversions To Improve Limp Sales

Posted by Justin Brooke on 8/16/14 12:29 PM

Getting a good conversion rate on a new product can be rough sometimes.

Your team spends hours crafting the perfect video or page. Everyone on the team is in love with it. Then you release it to the market only to have your heartbroken.

You're so in love with it, that you think it must be a mistake, so you try a different ad network.

...Still nothing.

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Hidden Rules To Avoid Facebook Ad Account Terminations

Posted by Justin Brooke on 6/6/14 7:02 AM

If you think following Facebook TOS or Facebook ad guidelines will keep you from getting your account shut down, you'll soon learn that is not the case.

What do I mean?

And how can that be fair?

FAIRNESS... First of all, the thought of Facebook being fair needs to be just dropped.

They are a public corporation and that means it's their job to please their shareholders - not you. This isn't mean or bad, they are a BUSINESS (not your bud

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The Secret Story Your Metrics Are Trying So Hard To Tell You

Posted by Justin Brooke on 5/6/14 11:48 AM

Numbers tell stories...

Let's pretend you have a FB campaign with 4% CTR and $0.11 CPC.

1,890 clicks with 67 opt-ins and 2 sales.

This scenario has a high likelihood of being unprofitable. The owner would likely be deflated that so many clicks got so few sales.

Most would consider this campaign a flop.

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How To Write a Killer Pre-sell Page For Native Advertising

Posted by Shirly on 2/19/14 5:00 AM

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2 Outsourcing Tips For The First-Timer

Posted by Shirly on 2/18/14 5:00 AM

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You Should Test Animated Headlines On Your Sales Page

Posted by Shirly on 2/17/14 5:00 AM

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How To Give Your VSL a Makeover With Kinetic Typography

Posted by Shirly on 2/7/14 5:00 AM

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3 Smart Ways To Use Facebook's New Website Custom Audiences

Posted by Shirly on 2/6/14 5:00 AM

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Are Interactive Sales Videos The Webinar Killer?

Posted by Shirly on 2/3/14 5:00 AM

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